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The Dana Companies have been in existence since 1970! The founder of our company, Ron Dana, was a lease operator hauling hazardous commodities in the late 1960's. Observing some inefficiencies and missing services for the customer he was hauling for, Mr. Dana bought some of his own trailers, and started contracting his services. His business sense and service offerings soon required the purchase of more equipment, the hiring of drivers and dispatch staff. DANA TRANSPORT INC was born.

From there, the purchases of tank wash facilities in key chemical markets gave Dana Transport a base of operations to extend their superior service offerings to large and small customers alike.

Since that time, the companies have experienced substantial growth, but have also grown through acquisition. The Dana Companies are born.

From the beginning

Our History

Dana Companies - Since 1972

  • April 21, 1972

    The Dana Companies since 1972!

    Dana Transport, Inc incorporated on April 21, 1972 specialized in the transportation of bulk liquid materials in North America. Dana Transport operations terminals in the eastern and central portions of the United States.

  • May 27, 1983

    Dana Container, Inc

    Dana Container, Inc was incorporated on May 27, 1983. A nationwide transportation company whose principal business is to lease transportation equipment and operate tank wash. Dana Container, Inc operates terminals in the eastern and central portions of the United States.

  • May 25, 1995

    International Equipment Logistics, Inc.

    International Equipment Logistics, Inc was incorporated on May 25, 1995. It's principal business is to provides complete leasing services for shippers, consignees and marine transportaion companies, featuring: heavy duty drop-deck chassis, 20-foot ISO-certified container tanks, intermediate bulk containers, a diversified fleet of specialized domestic and Ro/Ro trailer tanks, as well as rail tank cars.

  • November 20, 1999

    Suttles Truck Leasing, LLC Acquisition

    Dana Transport finalized the acquisition of Suttles Truck Leasing, Inc. and created the LLC further extending it services within the Transportation and equipment leasing within North America.

  • January 26, 2006

    Liquid Transport, LLC Acquisition

    On January 26, 2006, Dana Companies acquired LTC Corporation and created Liquid Transport, LLC. LTC is a major bulk chemical and petroleum transporter. LTC utilizes a combined fleet of company-leased and owner-operated tractors, and primarily company-leased trailers.