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Tote Cleaning Services available: Services

At Dana’s comprehensive cleaning facilities we pride ourselves on customer service, quality assurance and safety.   Equipped with cutting edge technology, our cleaning facilities are designed to clean any type of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) to your company’s exact specifications and requirements.

Dana’s thorough step-by-step cleaning and inspection process begins the moment the containers arrive at our docks.   Every container is scanned into our database, allowing us to provide our customer with constant updates and tracking capabilities. The IBC then goes through a serious of stages, where containers are drained, cleaned, rinsed, dried, tested for particles and debris, and then pressure tested. 

All members of Dana’s staff are highly trained to ensure you receive the best possible results from the drain rack to the final certification stage.  Valves are removed and disassembled for in depth cleaning.  We inspect every part of the valve and replace what is needed.  Upon reassembly, valves are individually pressure tested before being reinstalled on the tote. 

Every step of our process is designed to provide each of our customers with the highest quality services in the industry. 

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  • Caustic washing
  • Solvent washing
  • Detergent washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Solvent rinsing
  • Final rinse certification
  • Valve cleaning & testing
  • Drying
  • Stripping
  • Painting
  • UN31HA1/DOT34 leak-proof testing


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  • Shipping problems


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