Dana Transport
Cincinnati, OH Terminal

10300 Evendale Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45241
  • Liquid Bulk Transportation
  • ISO-container Transportation

Sales Contact:  Dale Hirschfield
Phone:  800.426.4976
Fax:  708.371.9996 
Email:  DHirschfield@DanaCompanies.com

Term Contact:  Dan Salter
Phone: 513.769.0125
Fax: 513.769.1616
Email: DSalter@danacompanies.com


  • Hauling Ops:  Local, regional, Intermodal
Average Earnings Range:
  • Company drivers:  Salary
  • O/O:  $2,000-3,000 per week

Recruiting - Avenel, NJ
Office: 800.733.3262
Cell: 866.903.3262
Fax: 732.750.2455
Email:  Recruiting@DanaCompanies.com

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