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The Dana Companies have more than 6000 ISO tanks in various configurations, and 1000 drop deck chassis. Our intermodal services in depot terminals include cleaning, inspection, maintenance, lift, storage, (both empty and loaded), leasing and transport of Dana tanks or customer-owned tanks.

Service Includes


Dana Container, Inc., offers a flexible lease/rental program, with options ranging anywhere from daily to long-term contracts. It all depends on your company's needs. Let Dana Container, Inc. provide you with the lease/rental plan that best fits your growing demands.

The savings obtained while using an intermediate bulk container well outweigh the cost whether your company is transporting paint, chemicals, resin or simply storing them on site. Liquid totes can provide savings not only through reusing, shipping and handling advantages, but they also eliminate the high cost of purchasing and disposing of drums. This provides your company with greater environmental and financial gain.


Rapid Rail, our intermodal rail service, offers you the speed of highway trucking, with the economy and efficiency of using rail. You'll receive the connections you need for regional or long distance domestic movements, as well as to major ports and shipping companies for international shipments. We use state of the art ISO tanks, moving by truck-rail-truck intermodal combinations.


At Dana’s comprehensive cleaning facilities we pride ourselves on customer service, quality assurance and safety. Equipped with cutting edge technology, our cleaning facilities are designed to clean any type of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) to your company’s exact specifications and requirements.

Dana’s thorough step-by-step cleaning and inspection process begins the moment the containers arrive at our docks. Every container is scanned into our database, allowing us to provide our customer with constant updates and tracking capabilities. The IBC then goes through a series of stages, where containers are drained, cleaned, rinsed, dried, tested for particles and debris, and then pressure tested.

All members of Dana’s staff are highly trained to ensure you receive the best possible results from the drain rack to the final certification stage. Valves are removed and disassembled for in depth cleaning. We inspect every part of the valve and replace what is needed. Upon reassembly, valves are individually pressure tested before being reinstalled on the tote.

Every step of our process is designed to provide each of our customers with the highest quality services in the industry.


Dana examines every container for leaks and damages as part of its full service guarantee. Should a problem exist, it is scheduled for repair and sent to our in-house specialists. Once repairs are completed, the container is then DOT or UN tested and recertified. In order to ensure the purity of the IBC, it is sent through our detailed cleaning process before being shipped out.

  • ASME R-stamp modifications and repairs
  • DOT registered inspections
  • HM183 testing
  • Vapor tightness testing (method 27)
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Oil change and service work
  • ISO Container repair and inspections
  • Certified air conditioning repair and service
  • PTOs, pumps, brakes, suspensions, 5th wheels, clutch and transmissions, hydraulic wet lines, blowers, refrigeration and tire repair
  • Onsite welding, inspection and tire service
  • Accident repairs and insurance claims
  • Trailer accident repair and rebuilding, box trailers, flat trailers, tanks and straight trucks

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