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Equipment Leasing

DANA provides complete leasing services for shippers, consignees and marine transportaion companies, featuring: heavy duty drop-deck chassis, 20-foot ISO-certified container tanks, intermediate bulk containers, a diversified fleet of specialized domestic and Ro/Ro trailer tanks, as well as rail tank cars. Comprehensive short- and long-term leasing services are available for both new and used equipment. Custom lease and sublease programs on a full-service or net lease basis can be arranged to meet your specific requirements, including innovative buy/lease-back program.

Service Includes

Equipment Leasing

Our lease fleet offers the following types of equipment for your consideration:

  • IMO1 type ISO tanks ranging from 14,300-25,000 liter capacities (3,778 – 6,605 US Gallons) with or without steam heating and insulation. Dedicated food, pharmaceutical and chemical tanks are available
  • IMO1/DOT51 type ISO tanks, ranging from 14,200-17,500 liter capacities (3,751–4,723 US gallons) for PIH type products
  • Specialty IMO1 type tanks including tanks equipped with internal mixers for products requiring movement while in storage, glycol heating systems for in-transit heating, internally lined ISO tanks for corrosive products, dual compartment tanks and baffled tanks for heavy products.
  • IMO5 type ISO tanks for low or high-pressure gasses for the flouro-chemical and specialty gas markets
  • Special build IMO1/IMO5 tanks to meet specific shipper requirements
  • Fixed tandem, spread axle, spread axle combo chassis, and tri-axle drop frame chassis for the safest movement of loaded ISO tanks

Operating from 30 wholly-owned terminals nationwide, we ensure our equipment is positioned to meet a shipper's needs, maintained to the highest industry levels, and delivered safely and on-time, as promised. We focus on Safety, Quality and Service.

Both long and short-term leasing as well as rental arrangements are available. Lease arrangements can also be specifically tailored to meet a shipper’s requirements.

In addition to ISO tanks and chassis, we offer leasing packages for totes, road trailers, and rail cars.

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